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Bring Back Free Castling!

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    Another puzzle!

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    I wonder what the elite players would think of free castling.

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    Tin-Cup wrote:

    I wonder what the elite players would think of free castling.

    They'd probably think it childish. The way professional cricket players would find the 'one-bounce one-hand' rule childish.

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    Free castling could breathe fresh new ideas and life into chess without completely changing the character of the game.

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    Let's just stay with the current castling move. Changing at this stage would cause too much confusion. 

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    Here's the article link to Bring Back Free Castling!!


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    Free Castling is a reform that would be well worth
    adopting to reduce the impact of theory and computers on the game
    as it is played now. This would send publishers in a scurry to find
    books of old Italian games as 99.9% of current opening theory
    would immediately become redundant. 
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    i have been playing twenty years.. and this would be awesome...... just imagine....soo many more possibilities.... the only thing i hate about chess is... there is too much written material on the subject... WHICH MEANS TOO MANY PEOPLE MEMORIZING INSTEAD OF PLAYING OVER THE BOARD.. THIS WOULD INJECT SOME MUCH NEEDED NEW LIFE AND NEW VARIATIONS INTO THE GAME...the irony is, even though i would support the rule change.. i probably would castle the same way for the first few years.. lmao.



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