British Championships 2009

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    Congratulations to David Howell (age 18 and youngest GM in the UK) who today became British Champion with 9/11 in Torquay.

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    Weren't Short and Adams absent? Still, nice result though.

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    it was a fantastic tournament and well done to all players - i thought howell and palliser really impressed the most

    I live about 30 mins away from toruqay and I was playing everyday and so it was great to watch them play!

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    Adams and Short are playing in the Staunton memorial though I believe.

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    The British used to be a great comp in the 80s, when I played in the junior tournaments and watched Graham Lee and Malcolm Pein doing the commentary of the top boards in an afternoon. Not been too impressed by the fields since. But fair play to the lad, a great score and some really sharp and exciting chess in his reportoire.  

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