BTB's guide to running a good group.

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    Billion_Tactics_Boy wrote:

    I am part of the ponziani power as well stormy knight!


    Of course you are, I believe you joined on my recommendation.  You are doing a splendid job too.

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    Well in our first team match I lost the first game after an embarassing missed mate in 1 (probably my worst loss ever) but then crushed him in our second game.

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    We have reached over 100 members. What is the best way that I can keep an honest membership now that many more will be joining. Please can more people join because I have a box of heroes at home which I won in a raffle and I do not want to eat them all at once and I promised myself that for every 4 members that join, I will have a chocolate from the box :p

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    Your doing excellent despite the other views! Keep the work

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