can a 2800 player be 1400 at blitz?

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    The plague of blitz

    has not buboned us all

    its dark and lethal shawl like some bacteriological repentance of Saul


    OK. Enough with the nonsense poetry with biblical allusions. I am convinced that if I ever got to 2800 I would still be:

    1400 at blitz

    unable to give a simul to even 2 people

    unable to do anything blinfold

    sub 1000 at lightning because I can't think at that speed.

    Sorry if I spoilt anyone's dinner. Some of us can't do any of these blitz party tricks.

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    no, a 2800 understands positional concepts and can recognise tactics, its impossible for such a large skill gap to exist between the two time controls.
    I'd say 2800 standard>2400 Blitz is the largest possible gap a player could have, this would only apply to a player who is extremely dependent on calculation.

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      Why are all these hypothetical questions so ridiculous?  You might as well ask if a super GM could be 1000 in blitz, it's the same thing.  Of course not.  A super GM can play blitz significantly stronger than any normal player.  They have the ability to calculate quickly and accurately.  

       Now if you asked something like "Can an IM be 1800 in blitz"?  The answer is , definitely yes.  I have beat many im's on ICC who were only rated about 1800-1900.  Some people are just much better at standard and do not focus much on blitz.  However they will still have a much higher blitz rating than a lower rated standard player.  

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    I have trained myself to play slowly. Today I won an endgame that I could have won in 1 minute. But I took about 20 minutes. I can't go from that to any type of blitz mentality. 2800 at standard and 1400 at blitz is possible and even likely if a 2800 player shared the mindset that I use.

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      Please show me ONE example of a 2800 player (there's only 1 of them in the world that I know of) that is 1400 in blitz.  As far as I know Carlson , topalov, and kasparov were all top notch in blitz. 

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    I will have to get to 2800 to be the first Laughing

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    I am training myself constantly for time management. Time management is the success in blitz, rapid and standard chess (ofcourse your tactical skills matter alot). 

    People who just play 1 minute chess and elevate their ratings 200+ or so, is pretty useless. that's why i prefer chess(dot)com than chesscube, here the ratings are separate for each types of chess games where as in chesscube, its the same. 

    chess craze

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    2800 players probably can see - say, at least 2400 level - tactics, other concepts, etc. as second nature; so yes, I doubt they could be much lower than 2400 blitz. In fact I'd say the only determining difference (theoretically) between blitz and standard ratings is a person's ability to concentrate and manage time properly/correctly in the respective time controls - which doesn't make that much of a difference in performance.

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    Do you mean elo rating?

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    does it really matter baap? :)

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