Can chess make you develop mental maturity?


because i am 17 buh i always acted like a child...buh nw i


certainly not, but chess help u develop mental strength and awareness


Nothing can MAKE you develop mental maturity.


No, judging from these forums...


Yes, kind of, play for the next 10 years and Boom!

or the fact you are asking questions and appear open to advice and improvement is a form of maturity, if we amend a word in the OP from acted to reacted and you can control the later so that it does not affect your mentality and performance during a game it can be a showing of passion rather than immaturity, there are some big stars in tennis, soccer, poker etc. that have the passion and some that extend it into embarrassment, sounds like you are heading the right way, as if there is a choice.



Maturity is a questionable word for humans


wow.....thanks /king2queensside



Not so far!