Can you recommend some good chess related movies?


I know a few, but I'm sure there are many more. What are some good english based movies that have been produced and are specifically related to chess? The ones I know about are:

1) Searching for Bobby Fischer
2) Queen of Katwe
3) Pawn Sacrifice
4) Queen to Play


There is a movie called "Magnus" On Magnus Carlsen. 

If you're looking for tidbits too, IM Jeremy Silman did the chess tactic in Harry Potter. 

That's all I really know right now.


I never knew of any but the first. "Queen of Katwe", made by Disney, looks really good!

I heard Pawn Sacrifice is good.

Brooklyn Castle

Dangerous Moves


Life of a King

Knights of the South Bronx

Both movies are based on true stories of guys who teach chess to inner city teens. They are entertaining, though some of the chess aspects were obviously inserted without technical advice from someone who knows the game.


The Luzhin Defense