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Candidate moves - Calculation required to find them?

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    I'm playing chess for 6 month now, so bare with me if the question is really basic.


    I read everywhere, that the normal procedure is to find a few candidate move in a position and only after finding a few moves to start calculating them.


    My question is, how do I find a move worth a candidate, if I don't calculate it straight away? Do you guys look at the position and pick a few moves, just because of your experience and start calculating?

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    Depends on the position, but "generally" you want to look for Candidate Moves first.  Candidate Moves are: Checks, Captures, Threats.  

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    Aren't silent moves candidate moves as well? Do I have to calculate every threat etc? These are plenty. I read that you only calculate a few. The question is which few, how do I even consider them to be worth calculated deeply?

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    There certainly can be quiet candidate moves, but the first moves you want to look at are forcing moves: Checks, captures, and threats. These are the moves that might decide the game right on the spot. If none of the forcing moves achieve anything, then you want to look at moves that improve your position. But FishEyedFools is correct: forcing moves first!


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