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    I played a game and let the computer analysis handle the annotations. I also study the game while stockfish is analyzing. After the computer finished it produced this statistics:


    I am playing Black in the game. And during the first 16 moves I played like I am not in myself. Drowsy for lack of sleep. It is only on move 17 that I think as deep as I can. Going for a draw, then a slight mistake from White gave me an advantage. White resigned at move 25. Its surprising that I got very high computer statistics. And many of my games has 90+ CAPS. I wonder what it really means.

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    Bro no idea
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    IAGORMAX wrote:
    Bro no idea

    haha, thanks for letting me know I am not alone.

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    Probably means the computer is running at a very low depth. Otherwise 98 + would correspond to a elo around 2600, 2700 not sure.

    Also the whole game could have been "easy" to play, meaning you made no mistakes, because all of the moves were obvious.

    I also got incredible high Caps on my games, but they were far from near perfect as the score indicated so I stopped buying the caps system.

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    Want to see the game Paldrick? I even made a club article about it. 

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    I don't like CAPS as an accurate judgement of my level of play - I do like the excellent, good, etc. move categories. I get a much more consistent and realistic judgement of my play with the analysis done by the free Lucas Chess.  For those wondering what the CAPS numbers are supposed to mean:


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    Why not post it here Sai?

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    Caps I think only even half applies if both players are evenly matched. I played 5 games that all had me at 2400-2500. One was 99.65. It doesn't seem to apply in most games

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    I once got these numbers in a 3|2 blitz game in an Untitled Tuesday event.  I was white:


    Much of the game was a pretty straightforward endgame where it was easy to not go wrong.



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    Its totally possible to get some really good scores in caps for a game. You'd need to do caps over several games to get a really accurate idea of your real play. 

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    I wish Chess.com would make CAPS a standard statistic on everyone's profile. Instead of trying to sell it like an option on a new car. I see it as needed standard equipment. For one thing, it would quickly tip people off to cheaters or questionable players. It would also help you to pick opponents that you would be more evenly matched with and it would help you to better see where you really stand as a chess player. I find the rating system is deceptive for showing your strength and whether or not you have improved. It can take a while for your rating to catch up to your strength or for your rating to drop down to your strength. I have seen players show up here and beat a bunch of players that are much weaker than themselves, without losing a game for quite sometime. The Glicko RD factor causes their rating to soar, until they start playing players of their own strength or stronger. CAPS would help to make this more obvious, much sooner.

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    That would require chess.com to run engine analysis of all the games played every day, or at least a large sample of them.  There's over a million per day, so the processing power needed would be huge.

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    Actually over 2 million per day   

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    2 games where it says im a super GM, 1 game that says im a 1000

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    Which means you're probably somewhere in between.

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    i would think so

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    That is a fair point, to a degree. However, I would prefer to see everyone be ID-ed, pay to what I pay per year to use the site and it become standard. I think it would be a great motivator for people to not only improve, but to not cheat, as it would be more evident. It would improve this site drastically. If people want free, that is fine. I think those people should be on a free site and those that pay shouldn't.

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    @Christopher_Parsons, and you can add a filter that you only accepts challenges from CAPS 79-89% range.

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    That sounds magnifico


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