changing opening strategy.


I am bored with my opening strategy. almost memorised moves. most of the opponents make me to go with same moves always. so, desperatelyvI triedvchanging that.


It looks like you play 1 e4 with white. Most of your opponents will reply e5. You have a few options on the next move but the most common and best one is 2 Nf3, developing your knight and attacking black's pawn on e5. Now black has two reasonable ways to protect the pawn (Nc6 or d6), and there's also a really bad way to protect it (f6). Players at your level will go with f6 pretty often though, and here's how you can exploit it.

There is also the Petrov Defense where black plays 2... Nf6, counterattacking your e pawn instead of defending his own. You could play 3 Nxe5 but it's also ok to protect your pawn with 3 Nc3, and if you also play 3 Nc3 against 2... Nc6 this will make learning the opening a little easier because you can transpose to the same position. For the Petrov move order it might play out like this:
More commonly black plays Nc6 first but we could reach the same position, like this:
From there you could try the Scotch Four Knights, which plays out like this:
But maybe black wants to play Bc5 instead of Nf6. Then white can play a simple tactic:
As mentioned at the beginning, black might defend the pawn with 2... d6:
So that could give you something to work with against 1 e4 e5 as white.



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Opening Repertoire: 1 e4


 #3 JS Ligon. Thanks for your advice. Useful tip for me. Thanks for all the other replies here