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Chess and Marriage

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    I wouldn't say he's repulsive, at least not in polite company.

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    Who is this guy and why is everybody upset with him?

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    Timothy_P wrote:

    Who is this guy and why is everybody upset with him?

    He's doing some commentary on the London Chess Classic. Here is a picture of him disturbed by the fans which collect in his imagination...

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    Timothy_P wrote:

    Who is this guy and why is everybody upset with him?

    To answer your question, he is probably one of the strongest English chess players of all time, a Grandmaster at 19 years old and a former World Championship contender.

    Quite why he would become the subject of mirth from twittering females on chess.com is anybody's guess...

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    I'd say he has a knack for making people uncomfortable...

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    To OldHastonian ...I dont see where he is "Twittering only females on chess.com" He posted to everyone in his defense. Even if he is boring :)

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    Nigel Short definitely confuses people, but not in an interesting way of wonderment, but more like where one questions the value of watching chess broadcastsLaughing

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    kenible3 wrote:

    never in a toothpaste commercial ...

    maybe in the "before" shots

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    Nobody beats this guy.

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    Bronstein had a wonderful marriage with the very much younger daughter of Boleslavsky.

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    Surely the two most famous chess players were never married.

    Death: he never married.

    The knight who played him for high stakes in The Seventh Seal - he was way too busy gallavanting around and fighting for glory to be into those women creatures.

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    Max Euwe was a loyal husband. He was a fierce man on the chess board, but a solid family man. He was a great leader of fide.

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    varelse1 wrote:

    I know surprisingly little, now that you ask.

    I know spassky was divorced like 13 times. Fischer had his first date when he was 60 I think.

    Judit Polgar is married to a vet who works at a zoo. I only know that because I've seen pics of her with the animals.

    Beyond that, Idk. Could it be there is one type of journalist (chess journalists) that actually know the definition of the word privacy?

    Perhaps there is hope for the human race yet....

    Actually, didn't Fischer have some sort of marriage that resulted in the law suite of his dult daugther trying to claim his estate over his wife?  The thing about the journalists is that not enough people really care if chess masters are married.  Knowing who Carlsen is dating doesn't bring in the bucks like Britney Spears did.

    I HATE Nigel Short's teeth.  British?  Yep. Buffy the Vampire Slayer villian?  Yep.

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    I believe the subject was "Is it possible to be a super GM...."  Clearly this would exclude mr short.  Although "he was ranked third in the world, from January 1988 to July 1989" wikipedia, that makes him a "third-rate player" at his best.  Can we stay on topic here? lol

    I don't know why anyone would defend his propensity to be annoying.  "Following the death of Tony Miles in 2001, Short wrote an obituary in the Sunday Telegraph in which he claimed that during the 27th Chess Olympiad in Dubai he had slept with Miles' then-girlfriend." wikipedia That's hardly endearing in my book.


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