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Chess coaching offer

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    Hello chess community, I'm 2250 rated player from Montenegro, 23 years old. First, let me tell you something about myself:

    Four-time champion under 14,16 and 18 in my country

    One time Junior National champion U20 in very strong competition

    Bronze medal in U18 competition for whole Balkan region (if you don't know Balkan: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece)

    Participator of many Youth, and Junior European and World chess championships

    For years I was coached by International Master, and my career was rising, but I went to college when I was 18 and I decided that college is more important than my professional chess career.

    Also, I have experience in working with kids, among other things, I am a part-time coach in a youth basketball club.

    I am fluent in English.

    For now, I'm looking for newly motivated students to work with.

    Again,  most of my chess career I worked with strong IM, who is also FIDE trainer, so I  know exactly what you need for your chess improvement.

    P.S. Price is very reasonable, feel free to contact me via inbox, or via e-mail:
    [email protected]

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    Do you have the maturity to coach someone 2 1/2 times your age? My youngest child is older than you.
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    How do you structure your lessons?

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    i teach you to paintball and you teach me to chess?

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    There is not much I can teach you.

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    Monie49 wrote:

    There is not much I can teach you.

    you know how to chess?
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    Interesting, all games are over 3 minutes and from your approx. 30 last wins there were only 2 by checkmate, almost every win by resignation and a couple on time. It's harder to checkmate in that short amount of time, but in these 2 occurences you did after half the overall time.


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