is lagging and freezing my games


I Agree. Blitz lag I can tolerate. Bullet game is a whole different game though. Two second lag can make you lose the game.

Lichess bullet is just a lot better, no lag there.

cjsab504 wrote:

This is why I avoid using the website unless I need to do something like conditional moves, which can only be done via the website, not the app. I find the app quite comfortable and responsive, but the website makes me want to go running out into the street screaming like a lunatic! Having tried it a few times already, I can positively state that I will *never* try to use the website for live games; it's simply not a viable option. A very sorry state of affairs, and something that seriously needs to address.

post that here

The_hiking_hermit wrote:
Destroyer_Mark_1420 wrote:
Hey, cheapos, just buy a $5 membership for a month, and problem solved.

Nope, Prem doesnt solve it, cant for the most part even connect in 4 player.

Why would I even give them $5 the website lags so bad? So I give them $5 and the website still lags then I will be even more pissed....nahhhhh I will just play on Iechess for free with no lag.