Chess Engine Rating


For my computer scienece class I created a chess program. I have been struggling for a while to determine its rating for some reason. It is better than I am but I am not that good, and I have not had consistent results when testing it against other engines. I was wondering if anyone who is interested (and is maybe better than me at chess) would play a game against it and tell me what you estimate its rating to be? If you want you can post the game, if the game is interesting or something. Just be aware that right now it doesn't let you undo/view past moves. Also, it doesn't have en passant or draw by repitition/50 move. But other than that it's fully functional. Thanks for any time you guys spend!


Like all engines it's a funny mix of very accurate in the short term vs taking huge risks in the long term.  e.g. a human is likely to screw up the mover order of a 2-3 move tactic if there's a lot going on in a blitz game but a computer wont.  And a human won't pawn grab in the opening and get way behind in development but a computer will.

One game I had it all squished up with nothing to do but build my attack and poof, no en passant so it closed up the attacking lines and escaped lol.

So anyway, it's hard to say because it doesn't play like a human.  A few short tactics it did miss actually.  I played a few 10 and 5 minute games.  I'd guess 1300-1500.


Hey thanks for your opinion. I do agree that it is very sporadic performance: ive had it solidly beat stockfish set on 1700 but then lose to it at 1400. Thanks for your time, and sorry about the no en passant.


Some people sugested to play against Java engine, which has 3 difficulty levels. If you are taking this suggestion, please post updates.