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chess in art

  • #501

    (b 1962)
    Market Mayhem

  • #502

    Tianyang Shui
    (b 1980)

  • #503

    The Tianyang Shui makes me think of a checkered cake.  Probably the thickness, the missing square, the pieces look like flames (candles) and the texture seems like it could be frosting.

  • #504

    Angelo Sena
    (b 1980)
    Just a game

  • #505

    Audrey Reda and David Paxton
    (b 1980)
    Curious Timing Alice is Waiting

  • #506

    Rodrick Strelau
    (b 1980)
    Just a Pawn

  • #507

    Vladimir Kisniaridi
    (b 1980)
    Russian Artist

  • #508

    Eckhard Besuden
    (b 1980)
    Bobby Fischer in Reykjavik

  • #509

    Lance Bifoss
    (b 1960)
    Biological Clock

  • #510
    ClavierCavalier wrote

    I believe that these basic skills are still taught in art schools, but it does seem like there is more emphasis on creativity than skill.  The Bach and Mozart analogy isn't quite accurate since this skill you speak of would be more like musical technique for a performer which doesn't come from studying compositions, but can come from playing compositions and technical exercises.  Studying the compositions will help with composing, but there is a lot one will miss when looking at Mozart if they don't study basic music theory first.

    yes you are right, i meant playing classical music to better musical skill.. in the same way art students used to go to musea and copy master paintings to learn from the best... in the Netherland academies this is no longer done...only private schools for amateurs sometimes give this advice

    like in chess... the best players learned alot from studying master games

  • #511

    Steven Gutierrez
    (b 1970)
    The King's Paradox

  • #512

    Lorenzo Muriedas
    (b 1959)

  • #513

    Sushila Burgess
    (b 1966)
    Red Queen to the Rescue

  • #514

    Lauren Olinger
    (b 1980)
    Palindrome Nine

  • #515

    Heidi Thrasher
    (b 1980)
    Alice In Wonderland

  • #516

    "Very bizarre, he sat there for a while then just went for it and made a quick exit," Wright wrote. "This guy calmly walked up, took out a marker pen and tagged it. Surreal."

    In May, Rothko's "Orange, Red, Yellow" sold for $86.9 million, a new auction record for the artist, at Christie's in New York.


    i think this "vandal" who is in the world news now... could be an performance or conceptual artist!?... it is not like a dutch crazy people trowing Hydrochloric acid on Rembrandt's the Nightwatch or cutting it with a knive.


  • #517

    Timothy Foley
    (b 1978)
    Books and Space to Hang the Stories on

  • #518

    Valerie Benedetti
    (b 1980)
    The player's brain

  • #519

    Samuel Zylstra
    (b 1980)

  • #520

    Laurent Chimento
    (b 1974)
    Intrigues sur 64 cases


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