Chess In Life Outside of the Tournament Room


Hello all, I have been playing chess  for around 3 years now. What amazes me most about this game is how much it helps you in other aspects of life. I find that because of chess, I tackle other problems in life like I would a chess problem. I start slowly and calmly "examining" the position. I then "analyze" all of the possible courses of action I can take. Then, my concern goes to the "continuation" that will be played out afterwards. Chess has been proven to be one of the best things that the elderly can spend their time doing. It aids brain function, increases patience, and is truly one of natures best medicines. How has chess helped your life? 


I find that I play Chess exactly the way I live.  I'm always eager to get out there and make something happen, but in the process, I fail to see the consequences of my actions, which leads to me getting crushed!  Chess is helping me to pay attention more than I have been.  So more Chess for me.