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Chess Internet Drops out.

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    Hey guys,

    Every now in then because i live in the country side my interent goes down for a short period of time no more then 10 minutes. However, im usually playing a game of chess while this happens and then get disconnected and it says trying to reconnect message. 

    Now i've seen quite a few games were people lagg out and it comes up with a message. " This person may have violated our play and fair policy " Something like that. Now i was wondering because this internet drop out thing happens to me, am i breaking the rules? It's not my fault and i don't want to get in trouble for it so thats why im asking you guys.


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    That's tough hon, im not too sure sorry. But someone will come along soon with the answer :)

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    The policy is designed to prevent people from disconnecting in losing positions just to be jerks and make the winner wait for the timeout.

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    Yeah but people might think im disconnecting on purpose when im not. :/

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    You read a lot of complaints on the forums from people with bad internet getting warnings from the server. (Almost as many complaints as from the dipsticks who disconnect on purpose :-) It seems to be unfair that you're going to get warned/acquire timeouts/incurr 5-min penalties for your net connection but until the site comes up with a better solution it seems like there's not much you can do.


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