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    I have only recently joined the Site and have found it to be just about all I could ask for.

    One little thing has intrigued me however and this is it.

    When using the Chess Mentor I have found, several times, that I have found an Alternative Move and been asked to find another move. Having done this, at the end of the lesson in the notes is the remark that perhaps the alternative move that I found was more accurate than the one played!

    Has anyone else found this as well?


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    it says that to me every move i play. kidding, but sometimes

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    Yes, I have also encountered this. Specifically in the introductory lessons.

    Here's an example. In the basic queen lessons it asks you to move the piece to a legal square, it doesn't specify any particular square, just any legal one. So there could be +- 16 possibilities and you have to guess which one is the correct one.

    A better test would be to 'click on all the legal moves'.

    Every move you make is correct, it even says alternate move correct, but this does not end the lesson, you have to retry until you land on the magical correct square. 

    It's frustrating, you know all the legal moves, and here you have to guess the magic square.

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    Frustration is part of chess.

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    beardogjones wrote:

    Frustration is part of chess.

    Yes, but this has more to do with the software than with chess.

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    This is how the programming code of Chess Mentor was developed in the 1990s and how it works. Yes, it may not be ideal, but this one of the few shortcomings of an otherwise great program that can help anyone from a complete beginner to master level improve their game.

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    I agree with FM gauranga. This is one of the few shortcomings in a great program.

    Chess Mentor is helping me a great deal and it is so much better that working through a book on a board. It is quicker for one thing!

    All I have to do now is apply what I am learning to my games. There I have a problem. I cannot do that as yet. The problems in Chess Mentor are one thing, my games are another and applying what I have learned is not easy. My problem that I will overcone in time.


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