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    batgirl wrote:

    Thanks for the article.  The author, Ntokozo Magongo, seems to be a sports reporter/photojournalist for the "Swaziland Times."   I was curious from the mandate-like tenor of the article (which I doubt would go over well in the USA).  While he makes many good points, just as Ben Franklin did in his "Morals of Chess," these same benefits can only be had by those who embrace the game; they can't be forced.  Also the same benefits can be derived from a multitude of sources.  I would hazard that forcing chess on children might have the opposite effect, that of turning it into a despised chore rather than an enjoyable recreation.  I would rather see children in a classroom setting given and hour of game time a couple days a week during which they could explore, or at least be exposed to, a variety of games and challenges, especially those they may not encounter on their own.


    They did this at my elementary but only for the "gifted" class. They should have let everyone do it.

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    This is the most accurate cartoon ever drawn.

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    Hahahaha, that picture hangs on the front door of one of my work places. (a school)

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    That kid is probably peter parker testing his web suction.

    Always keep an open mind ...

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    SheridanJupp wrote:

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    SheridanJupp wrote:

    Of course I'm joking. It's an absolute terrible idea to force children to do anything. They should be able to choose for themselves like normal people.

    Great plan. Your six year old doesn't want to go to school. Do you ask him/her what they choose to do?

    On second thought, I think it's better to impose the will of the teachers or partents on the children. After all, they know what's best for them. And if they don't like it, well, it never hurt to give it a correctional wallop. It's a character building technique that's widely used to educate children.

    ^^^This (sarcastically). Once a human being is competent to make decisions, they shouldn't be forced to do things. Kids have rights too.

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    I'm going to teach my daughter how to play, but what do I care if other kids gain any benefits from learning chess? To hell with them. I want my kid to be smarter than yours.

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    Ur kids will hang out with the other 'dumber' kids & it'll all even out. Dumb, uh, finds a way ...

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    The americans don't know how lucky they are. Lots of excellent teachers and lots of stimulating activities. No wonder that they smile all the time.

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    they have other problems ...

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    Yeah, while you are it make it compulsory to eat brussel sprouts, know how to use a knife in a knife fight, use a firearm, live out of dumpsters, and go to church every Sunday.   

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