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Chess.com novice tries to think like a computer but (surprise) still can't beat Magnus

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    hairhorn wrote:

     I think reporters get very used to writing up stuff they know nothing about. Adding in deadlines just makes it worse. 


    Again I would like to point out this was a Wall Street Journal journalist.

    They are known now to make stuff up, particularly after they started this whole addpocalypse on youtube.

    A youtuber dresses up in a British Uniform, and they said he's in a Nazi uniform and called him a hero to the alt-right. They also photoshopped adds onto screenshots of racists videos(which were later proven to be unmonetized) in order to make it seem like racists videos were making money off of Pepsi and other companies adds, making many advertisers pull out completely from youtube.

    Even after people had started pointing out they had deliberately taken things out of context, manufactured evidence and manipulated their readers they still kept on making the same shocking reports based on new things taken out of context, as if nothing had happened.

    You cannot find a worse paper than WSJ. Absolutely disgusting paper.


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