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Chess on stackexchange.com

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    There is a proposal on stackexchange.com to have a Chess Q&A site. The stackexchange engine is really nice, and it would be great to have a specialised chess site (board games exists already, but there's not much chess-related content on there). The proposal is here:


    Sign up & commit!

    Note that I'm nothing to do with the site, other than I think that it's a good idea!

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    I found your post while googling for "chess stackexchange"

    FYI, the site is in private beta now: http://chess.stackexchange.com

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    Above all there is no site where chess enthusiasts can ask questions especially for analysis etc to be answered. Even GMs/IMs can become members and help out. I cant imagine such experts or even users doing this on a generic website. – Binoj Antony Nov 18 '10 at 18:05


    ummmmmm........is this guy aware of chess.com? I think someone needs to tell him that eric and jay already did it. awkward. 


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