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Chess Originated In Africa

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    It's a little disingenuous to speak of the ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians as being the same as sub-Saharan Africans as if this were a settled fact -- the topic is one that's still being discussed -- and it's worse to tar anyone who claims that they weren't as racist. Either way, we're still some way from establishing that a board game played in ancient Egypt bears any relation to chess.

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    The earliest predecessor of the game " probably" originated from India. Before the 6th century AD; a minority of historians believed the game originated in China. From India, the gamegame spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, Chess was taken up the Muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern Europe where chess evolved into roughly its current form in the 15th century. The game be traced back some 1500 years.

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    Fun facts: a recent survey shows that about 605 million people play chess regularly. Chess is played at least once a year by 12% of British, 15% of Americans, 23% of Germans, 43% of Russians and 70% of Indians.

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    Original name Modern name Version Original move
    king king all as now
    adviser queen all one square diagonally, only
    elephant bishop Persia and west two squares diagonally (no more or less), but could jump over a piece between
    an old Indian version two squares sideways or front-and-back (no more or less), but could jump over a piece between
    southeast and east Asia one square diagonally, or one square forwards, like four legs and trunk of elephant
    horse knight all as now
    chariot rook all as now
    foot-soldier pawn all one square forwards (not two), capturing one square diagonally forward; promoted to queen only
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    I have played Chinese Chess, and it has enough similar moves that it is clearly a related game. Either the source, or more probably shares a common source with modern chess
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    isabela14 wrote:

    Fun facts: a recent survey shows that about 605 million people play chess regularly. Chess is played at least once a year by 12% of British, 15% of Americans, 23% of Germans, 43% of Russians and 70% of Indians.

    I really doubt such numbers, especially the last one, nearly impossible.

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    the thai have their own verson of chess

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    senet was a game board of two lines of play.

    it was a stronger play of mancala, also a game of two lines of play.

    the geometry of chess rose out of india, thru persia into europe.

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    i personally believe it originated in India.My perspective though.

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    let us be clear.

    if anyone has the integrity to claim chess it is the iranian  ( persian ) for the way it is understood today, although it came fundamentally from india.

    when the last russian tsar family was imprisoned by the communists the child of nicholas used to play "kill the shah" as this poor child was sickly and could not leave his bed.  the game "kill the shah" was in fact the game of chess.  to understand the history of the game as it came into russia is to understand that the imperial family of russia did not rename the game of chess as to "kill the tsar" would have been an uncomfortable renaming.  the imperial russian family kept the name of the name that they had been taught, to "kill the shah" ( the shah being the imperial lord of old persia ).

    chess came out of india with limited bishops and queens and in the post-crusdader european period the queen and the bishops became more powerful across the board...hence, modern western chess.

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    india is the mother nation of chess ( chatruanga ) thru persia ( persia not not muslim iran ) and then thru the kurdish warrior who led the struggle to take acra and jerusalem via the islamic religion it passed thru the Crusaders into europe.

    india is the mother of chess.

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    islam overran egypt in the 7th century a.d.

    before that time, islam had nothing to do with egypt for islam was not invented until the 7th century.

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    arabic came to eygpt with the muslim horde.

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    I think the origins of chess ar in india. But board games in General were probably develpoed in many different cultures seperatly. Maybe simultaniously, maybe influenced by others or not. Some are forgotten, etc. You cant always put cultural things in a time line, or in geographical Terms.

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    Ziryab wrote:
    Treesong wrote:

    Chess comes  from India ...that is a fact..


    Or possibly China. That is a fact.


    In fact, no one knows with certainty. But, it is possible to exclude most of the world in our search.


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    sss3006 wrote:
    alec945x wrote:

    Didn't Chess come from India?

    right - ur talking sense - shatranj

    India is such a great place that everyone is trying to leave.


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    what is india ?

    india is today, for bettor worse, the place that england entered.

    england left, but they left behind the english language, the english sense of law and the end of the rajah's.

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    africa must be understood in places.

    north africa, since the seventh century is muslim.  praise to allah.

    before that, eygpt was the small but great corner of many empires.

    subtrobical africa ( the belgian world ) a place of ugliness.

    north-east africa, became civilized under the trader of islam.

    south africa, a dominion of a long history of african fuedalism..the krall.

    south west africa...the search for the girfaffe..to live to eat.

    africa ?\

    the slave coast.....an ugly place of muslim slave sellers and white slave buyers.

    today...the jew lives well in morroco....but that jew is not a jew of isreal..that jew is the the jew of africa...a different person.

    in the atlas mountains there are the muslim cutthroats...who few know of....but i do.

    china presently invades all the states of east africa for money.

    i wish them well

    the chinese have much to teach the black africans, something the boer failed to teach them, the chinese are not racial, they are for money, the dutch, the boer were not racist, they were cultural.

    culture is not racism.]


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