Chess Players and their Children

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    I was just thinking about this today. How come none of the Greatest chess players (alekhine, capablanca, kasparov, karpov, Rubinstein, Botvinnik, tal..and whomever else i may be missing) havent had children who have been taught to be great by their fathers. (for the record i dont know whether or not these GM's even have/had children) To me this seems a bit strange. Can someone enlighten me?



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    It's like one of those old logic problems - the answer doesn't add up, because there is no reason it should.

    Do the children of great physicists, musicians, sportsmen, historians, poker players, or jurists grow up to achieve greatness in the same field as their fathers in any larger percentage?  In fact it seems to be the exception in most if not all fields of human endeavor.

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    very good point.... anyone else have anything to add?

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    Don't they even try  to teach them?

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    Seems to work that way for rock muscians and NASCAR drivers.

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    woodshover wrote:

    Don't they even try  to teach them?

    Maybe they did but the child want to be a CEO/Bankster/doctor/Lawyer/etc instead of a chess GM?

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