Chess players and their famous counterparts

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    Nazi Paikidze

    House of Cards' Kristen Connolly

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    the good ol days when the forums were still forums.

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    Having been here all of 3 days, you would remember Wink

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    well, many of us here can remember our past lives ;-)

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    In retrospect it seems pretty dumb to deeplink all those images instead of just uploading them here, boo heinzie-from-the-past

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    We're not allowed to get wiser on totally no no.

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    chimp got shortchanged

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    Alexander Grischuk

    bears a striking resemblance to Alexander Grischuk

    at least to me.

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    this must be a course in philosophy ...

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    It's time for a new thread, without the deeplinking. Moderators close this one please, it's almost five years old, and it hasn't aged well

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    In before the voLOKitin

    And his counterpart?

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