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Chess plus Skype.A good idea?

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    This combination could be quite useful.In the first Instance it could enhance social contacts between players-especially friends.If there was any "abuse" the offender can be blocked  under the Skype system of control.There is of course a choice of Skype plus videolink or merely "telephonic" Skype for those players who wish to preserve their privacy in chat.When one is playing a game on this website the addition of Audio on skype could be a helpful instructional medium.Teaching of chess skills can be facilitated by live mutual discussion between the players.Of course when the chess board is visible the players are not.But the live conversation continues during the match-be it instructional or social.Last but not least one can talk and play with members all over the World and provided that the players have installed the Skype system it is free no matter how long the contact lasts .I rest my case!

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    There are probably hundreds of coaches and students using Skype right now, it's the default method of online teaching.

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