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Chess so hot it's gotta wear shades

  • #1

    How would you describe chess to someone to make it sound really cool?

  • #2

    Seen the movie Good Will Hunting?  The Character Gerald Lambeau says:

    "A difficult theorem can be like a... symphony.  It's very erotic."

  • #3

    definately not like the title. I just say "yeah, its great" which seems to be enough. Or play a blitz game with them and trash talk for lols.

  • #4

    Lie to them and tell them there's usually free booze and strippers at every tournament. When they go to one with you just shrug and say : "I don't know what's going on, hey, just go over there and ask the tournament director while I go take care of the room over at the counter". Just act too busy for you yo do it.

  • #5

    Point out some of the "cool" people who have played/do play chess:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Al Capone, Michael Chang, Bob Dylan,Erik Estrada (ok, maybe not cool but famous), Ivan Lendl, David Letterman, Madonna, Story Musgrave, Keanau Reeves, Ringo Starr, Bill Walton. And the coolest of all, my brother Cool .

    These are obviously aimed at an American but there are lists all over of famous people who have played chess. 


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