Chess vs. Poker

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    Wow! Who cares?

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    Yup, one of these threads again...

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    Let's delete all of these poker threads and start from scratch

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    Go scratch yourself.

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    Lets delete Jion

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    Don't forget to post that in all the threads.

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    AlCzervik and DrSpudnik, fuck off.

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    So full of wit and wisdom...

    (those are euphamisms. Now, go look up that word)

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    Jion_Wansu wrote:

    AlCzervik and DrSpudnik, fuck off.

    Oooh! Naughty, naughty!!

    Good thing no one reads this crap.

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    poker is chance is stupid draw luck, no skill, just hoping for good hand a lie, game for drunk retard. design to trick stupid people into making money for casino

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    Anyone following WSOP 2015

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    World Sluice of Piss?

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    Are we doing this again?

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    Are you the lamest, stupidest, most boring person on

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    LOL, sounds like some of e sore losers on or chess in general

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    There's luck and randomness in chess as well. Because you don't know what your opponent will play if you are expecting he or she to play something other than you expected...

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    Yeah, what's up with all of these threads?

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    See my previous comment.

    Jion wansu has left the building, but his legacy remains: a legacy of nonsense poker/chess threads. Ignore them and they'll go away.

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