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Chess vs. Poker

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    I like chess better
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    ...and big blank spaces.

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    Have I answered this question already? No? No.

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    CrystalChessless wrote:

    I'm simply stating, although I enjoy both games, chess is the better of the two that's all.


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    Poker pays a lot better than chess.

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    Poker attracts more money and a joyful crowd, chess rather backyard nerds. I know people don't want to hear this but facing the reality it's exactly like this, with exceptions of course.

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    CrystalChessless wrote:

    Both are great games, doesn't matter who someone is

    Every game can be great and it's a somehow irrelevant statement "... who someone is". If you want to reply to my post then read it entirely. I implied a slight correlation, nothing else.


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