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Chess while listening to music?!?

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    I like to listen to fast, abrasive punk music while playing Lightning. I listen to this music outside of the games too, but for some reason it just fits well. It's a combination of my taste in music and the fast, adrenaline-rush style of the game. For what it's worth, I prefer indie rock or jazz in the background for longer games.

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    I didn't mention that I turn the music down so as to be almost inaudible because

    A) I agree with you in saying that music would distract me but I listen to it because of...

    B) I think Classical music is good for you! I've heard and read several studies that show how calssical music is good for your mood and several other things that made me decide to try it. And it hasn't let me down so far. :-)

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    Keep in mind that a "good mood" doesn't necessarily mean we make better decisions, especially in complex situations or when a lot of calculating needs to be done. But again, if enjoying life and chess is your main objective, then go to it! However, I believe that if you want to do your very best, set your mood with music BEFOREHAND and then get ready to concentrate fully on the game (music off!) once the clock starts.

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    I do not listen to music during chess because during Fide rated tournaments you are not allowed any type of electronics what so ever in the room so I just do not want to even try and get used to it


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