I guess there was one in the 80s that lasted 269 moves but at that time FIDE had lengthened the 50 move draw rule to 100 moves.  The game was a draw.

The longest decisive game was 237 moves.  For players names and other details follow the link.


Impressed, thanks. Thought that a few people would have been arguing.


Impressed isn't the term I'd use. Pressed perhaps

bfcace wrote:

Thought that a few people would have been arguing.

Give it time. So far you have a link to 1) A game played under a different rule set than the vast majority of games in history and 2) A rapid game that could have been claimed a draw and thus much shorter.


Ill be glad to view it, thanks.


man the chinese are very funny : The young star players Wang Chen and Lu Shanglei both lost a game in which they had played no moves. They agreed to a draw without play at the 2009 Zhejiang Lishui Xingqiu Cup International Open Chess Tournament held in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China. The chief arbiter declared both players to have lost the game