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Chess.com Engine evaluation

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    I recently ran the Chess.com analysis of one of my games and was quite amused when I saw an evaluation of "+100.57". I had an extra rook and knight plus 6 pawns. Even if I queen all those how do you get to 100.57???

  • #2

    That's chess engine code for "you win"

  • #3

    I have had several analyses of my games done by Chess.com and have never seen any numerical evaluation. Am I not looking in the right place? Also, as long as I'm here, several times I have made moves that I thought were worthy of an !, if not an !!. Are these ever awarded as a result on a game analysis?

  • #4

    its like that game that charlie sheen had with chuck norris about a month ago where the evaluation keep going from 7g to over 9000 until it just broke


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