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    Is it me or has lost its cultural value? I see forum topics about the most stupidest and random stuff that are not even chess related. is about educational fun forum topics about CHESS, not some new pokemon game that you wanna buy and that you need assitance in. 

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    Tracking thread.

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    Pretty sure this thread isn't chess related.

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    I certainly see enough Magnus and Anand threads, along with how to become a GM, what new piece or new rule you would make, etc., to boggle the mind.

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    let me know more about how to play pokemon game, chess games . 

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    Ok, here's my serious opinion regarding the OP's question: There's a reason why the "Off-topic" forum exists. All the pokemon stuff is eventually moved there (if it wasn't created under off-topic in the first place), and people who are interested can access it from there. Other people who come to the forums for chess-related purposes can go to the threads under General Chess Discussion, Openings, etc, and ignore all of the off topic stuff.

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    Many of the stupid random threads are about chess. Is Magnus Better than Morphy, People Who Resign/Don't Resign are Jerks, Analyze this Dumb Bullet Game I Won.

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    Yes, I am agree with question, most of guys is using this siet only spam purpose ,or unrealted topic share here. so that kind of websites will be remove from forum. 

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    Mainline_Novelty wrote:

    Pretty sure this thread isn't chess related.

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           The most intelligent post on this thread is Macer's. I didn't understand that forums have catagories when I 1st started posting. Now I have respect for the thread. If its chess related, I'll be serious, and stay on topic. If I feel silly, I'll look for a nonsence thread to post.

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    I think you mean that only the silly threads become popular. There are many serious threads, but they are so boring no on wants to post in them

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    chess_gg wrote:

       It is a good thing that chess is played in silence. Otherwise, I wouldn't play. Internet forums, such as this one, show that people are whacky, contentious, humorous, stupid, kind, friendly, obnoxious and whatever.

       However, since chess is played in silence (thank God!), forums are an outlet for social interaction. Anyone who looks at an open chess website forum as a place for only logic, reason, learning and rational discussion...well...duh.

    Well... some of those can still show up in a game of chess (whacky, stupid, obnoxious) even if the game is played in silence.

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            His answer is silence; now I get it!

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

            His answer is silence; now I get it!

    You do? then you understand that he is much smarter than you in that he doesn't spend ever single second of his life on one forum.

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