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Chess.com gone ADHD

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    Please. Go try on someone else. 

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    Well, surprise.png  I sapose that means I.O.U a genuine apology heh?  Consider it done!wink.png  I'm not gonna try and shoot you anymore. 

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    If most of the time only one person is posting like in be yourselfish, then its getting boring , he is a nice person but the thread is boring (at least to me) and if someone like 6Q0C needs provocating thread titles just to catch attention and commit people on posting and then tells the world he is only talking about chess and nothing else, then this childish and obvious behavior is getting annoying and boring at the same time. From some people I would expect threads with higher level of communication not dropping to the same childish points again and again. But in the internet u never know and sometimes at the other end is a small 9 year old kid who would be better playing with a football than trying something like this here

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     Trysts use to ask for her threads to be locked after 5000 posts, hence "Movies 1", Movies 2,  "Movies 3 ", etc.   because of that load problem

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       I agree that Tom was harmless but man, sometimes he was a little hard to read.

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         Seems to load OK for me.  It started in 2015, that would of been under V2.  That might of been a problem that Erik wanted corrected for V3....?

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                                                               There,  That's better!phpjYdOEp.jpeg   

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      Tell me about it.  My PET thread is getting BIG.cry.png

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      Here's another thread from 2 yrs ago complaining about the same things.                                      https://www.chess.com/forum/view/community/kids-on-chesscom2

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    I consider this site a social network. Albeit one that is centered around a great past time and hobby. It's the best of both worlds...educational AND fun! Well worth the money.

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