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ChessNetwork Livestream

  • #1

    If it's of interest to you...

    I have a Livestreaming chess channel at www.twitch.tv/ChessNetwork 

    Comments are appreciated. Cool

  • #2

    It's interesting seeing you comment while you play.

  • #3

    Your live stream is very helpfull. Keep it up!

  • #4

    its greattttttt

  • #5

    Just need your own room now ;-)

  • #6

    Very good. 

  • #7

    Best thing to happen to chess on the internet!

  • #8

    keep it up jerry...:)chess is more fun to me now den it is befr...but lately der has been no chess videos or ur kibitzing...hoping to see both of dem soon Smile

  • #9

    Very good stream I always enjoy wathing you and it is realy helpfull..you emproved my chess a lot.thanks


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