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China Chess - Upcoming Male & Female Champions

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    • Here is a very interesting link to the games of China's male Champion, Wang Hao (Last FIDE rating: 2743)


      And also to Hou Yifan, China's young female champion (only 14 years of age) and who has had a win over Nigel Short.

       On the current FIDE rating list (women) Hou Yifan has shot to the third place with a rating of 2571, only behind Judit Polgar (HUN, 2693) and Humpy Koneru (IND, 2621). We do not wish to indulge in debating the gender question in chess, but it would seem that Magnus Carlsen, the young phenomenon in the ‘male’ chess has a counterpart in the world of women’s chess.


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    Do not be so simplistic. USA strategists are not so simplistic, and realize that China has enormous internal tensions.

    Yes, I want to see an end to labour camps and internment of critics, as I want to see an end to  Guantanamo Bay detention camp  and the shameful abuse of detainees by US personnel. It must have an enormous and negative psychological impact on decent Americans.

    China is also faced with managing a population of 1.5 billion, lifting the living standards of people in rurual villages, solving huge polution probelms, and balancing the differnent interest groups, including the military, provincial princeling governments, state cooperations, etc. Would that they only had the US problems of urban crime and the National Rifle Asssociation!

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    In my opinion, Chess team of China  has a great corperation between all members, especially there are some kinds of mechanism to bring females up by one on one training, so  it is not surprise we China have many "Queen"s in chess.

    China , since 30 years ago, is out of the way to "communism " 

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    AquilaZeta wrote:


    China , since 30 years ago, is out of the way to "communism " 

    you are now allowed to vote in China?

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    Yifan is 19 and her  latest rating is 2617.What's the point of showing us a 5 year old article?

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    Charlotte wrote:
    AquilaZeta wrote:


    China , since 30 years ago, is out of the way to "communism " 

    you are now allowed to vote in China?

    so communism means NO VOTE  ? Actually  it means share all things to every one.  Maybe now the richest ones in China owns something like a whole industry which want be happen in every step of Way to Communism

    Actually we can vote , just can not vote directly the name of the president.   But who care which old man in charge? 

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    Please excuse my ignorance however, are the Chinese players using the newer rules with pawns to move two on first go and en-passant? Some say they adhere to the 'older' rules.

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    Australia has economic & social ties (migrants, married couples, students, business & education relations) with China and we are in similar time zones.

    Main languages spoken in Australia are English 78.5%, Chinese 2.5%, Italian 1.6%, Greek 1.3%, Arabic 1.2%, Vietnamese 1%, other 8.2%, unspecified 5.7% (2006 Census). There could easily be 5-10% of the population of Australia who are "Chinese" if we allow for Aussie-Chinese families and children of Chinese migrants whose main language is English.

    Hence, my interest in looking at Chess from an eastern perspective, rather than the euro-centric perspective. FYI, my son is Aussie-Chinese.

    There is more recent information on  Yifan Hou in Wikipedia, She produced a remarkable performance in January 2012 playing in a very strong open tournament in Gibraltar. In a field of 55 other grandmasters, 11 of them rated at or above 2700, Hou shared the lead with Nigel Short on 8/10, subsequently losing to Short in rapidplay. She had faced 7 of the 2700+ players and achieved an overall tournament performance rating of 2872.

    This Chess.com link describes her early Chessic performance:


    Regardless of gender or age (born 1994), she signals a formidable presence in current Chess.


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    Likhit1 wrote:

    Yifan is 19 and her  latest rating is 2617.What's the point of showing us a 5 year old article?

    There isn't one.

    And it isn't as if we couldn't look up Wiki articles on our own (not that they have any guarantee of accuracy, anyone can edit them at any time).


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