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    Hello everyone,

    I'm sure you're all getting tired of me already. In the past month, I've appeared on two petitions of this type (the second one was locked for spam wink.png). Nonetheless, I'm here again to promote yet another cause related to blogging.

    Yesterday, I visited the "Top Chess Blogs" page to take a look around, and was surprised to see half of it filled with reports from individual PRO Chess League matches. The posts themselves are decent, full of legitimate material.

    The problem: there's simply too many. A list of 16 matches blots out the lion's share of the first page. Just six non-staff blogs are featured there, all near the bottom. I appreciate staff blogs - they're invariably well-written - but blogging is a community feature and having almost two-thirds of the front page filled with just PRO Chess League content doesn't help anyone.

    That's why I'm asking the site, with this forum thread, to cut the PRO Chess League blog content down to four or fewer posts per week or remove it altogether. That means each post would cover four matches - a not unreasonable amount, and the Top Blogs page would return to something close to normality.

    You can discuss or show your support in the comments. To sign, just type "Consolidate PCL posts!"


Consolidate PCL posts!


Consolidate PCL posts!


Consolidate PCL posts!

Pcl posts

RAR PCL posts!

RookSacrifice wrote:

RAR PCL posts!



Consolidate PCl posts!


Consolidate PCL posts!