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    Chris-de-Burger wrote:

    Are we all really just the dreams of Martians ?


    Now'z dat' tiz' i question thiNgy I can answer with 100% certainly!!!


    Nope, ya'  dream'inz of da' peeps O' Pleiades!..



    Me and da' Trig go thar' on vacatiOn, to a star named Betelgeuses wid' a nice friendy planet called chesstadome'...wid 64 islands called square-lee-wandanda'z dat' shift and shape thru time and space.  Smile

    Thar' tiz' horsey'z and knight'z, Kings and Queen'z..wid peeps called bishops dat' whisper in dar' ears...they got regular peeps too called pawns dat only move forward like fishies a spawn'in..Surprised

    They got'z castles too, made of gems, dat' glitter and slide from side ta' side..

    Dat' tiz ya' answer my gud buddy Chris, from a world called earth dat's made O' dirt!..

    It spins every 24 earth days, wobbles a bit and rotates 'round one sun every 365 earth day'z. What a shame ya'll stuck on dis' here little ball, on da' outskirts of a galaxy ya' call da' milky way'z..

    Fer' iz a space cowboy wid' a winged horsey named trigger, we can fly through space as well as time..jump here and thar' like ribbit'z in thar' holes,,, 'cept our hole are big black ones dat'z connected to atotha' one!..We glide over da' event horizon peak'in through and through. Walk up ta' da' star and quasars embedded gloryous doors O' heaven, dat's to bright fer' you!Tongue Out 

    Ya' cosmic cowboy and friendly king Sully, O' da' Sullian nation...Smile

    Well iz' thursta' now..betta' go find my bottle!


    Now, didn't I say he's nothing but a drunk piece of space junk?

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    SevenOneWCSF wrote:

    I didn't say that I know evolution inside out. I don't really know anything about the subject. I simply understood it's core structure and the fact that it wasn't possible for evolution NOT to exist from a very young age. I am not saying, for example, that if I had lived thousands of years ago that the idea would have been introduced back then. It appears pretty clear that I can't even explain the simple logic required to understand this thread to anybody at all, let along explain evolution. People simply don't understand how I think. For that same reason, I will not attempt to do so now. Plus, it would take forever.


    Also, please note that I don't understand how anybody else thinks either. I haven't got a clue. It works both ways, all I know is that my way works infinitely better when it comes to logical reasoning.

    I believe that I am done with this thread. It has been clearly established that neither of us can convince the other of anything.

    It would help if you actually tried to explain why you think you're infallible, instead of just stating it. 

    So, your only understanding of evolution is that you have always believe it exists, even though you have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the subject? And that's an example of how logical your brain is? Wow, I'm convinced. 

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    Well if I may... 

    I know'z  exactly where you earth peeps come from'z!...Smile

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    Ohh Lawdy Lawdy Lawd!! Das so cool, Alex!

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