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Crushing a 2118 in one-minute

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    GM_Mark_Carlsburg wrote:




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    SquareBlitz wrote:

    Why is everyone suddenly degrading him lol. He's happy he beat someone higher rated than him. People can't be happy or see other people happy without belittling them. 

    They weren't degrading me, but raising logical questions. 

    I was proud of the way I played the opening here, as I was able to "duke it out" with someone previously a bit out of my league.

    As for the rating pool I'm in, it's quite strong.  I don't name it because this site doesn't want me publicizing its competition.

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    This site allows the mention of other sites as long as it's not advertising for the other sites. 

    They make clear that it's ok to include information on how a player can be reached on another site. So it's ok to state the other site and your username there. 

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    StupidGM wrote:
    MayCaesar wrote:

    To be fair, 2118 isn't that good a rating for bullet. Mine is higher, and I blunder frequently. Up until 2400-2500, bullet games are wars of cheeses and blunder barrages.

    2118 in the server pool where I play is probably closer to 2300-2400 here.

    It's one step up the ladder.  I was 1300 in that pool when I returned in 2015.  Been methodically gaining a few hundred points a year and becoming invincible in the opening (again).

    This isn't a cherry-picking pool, but one which randomly assigns opponents, and which seems to have many of the strongest players concentrated.  A true "shark tank."



    11.b4 makes more sense than 11.Qc2, 12...Rfd8! is much better your move 12...Bd6, even bullet  you are trying to achieve some objective in your game, positional feel is acquire through study or natural talent. If you play here we can look at your games and judge the quality of your moves, it was basically played by white: side B-class 1600-1799 versus black: A- class 1800-1999.


    Maybe here players don't know how strong is a 2300 to 2400 elo are but I played plenty of masters and you and opponent played pretty weak.



    You are 1900 uscf, there is no shame in being a A-class but you are not a master; just play here for fun.

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    Still learning how to play like stockfish then? Doesn't look like it from the game itself. Oh, and before you point out the obvious: I suck at chess. True.

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