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Danville Open (FIDE rated) This Weekend

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    The Kingdom Chess Association, a US Chess affiliated club, is promoting this two day, four round event at the Community Center in Danville VT.  We've added an U1250 section to encourage new competitors to come out as well as some older players from the 60's and 70's to return to rated chess. 

    We are hoping to have two International Masters play in the Open section. One is a student from the Czech Republic attending Lyndon Institute in Lyndon, VT. The other is attending Dartmouth University, an hour drive away. There will also be players coming down from the Sherbrooke, PQ Chess Club. 

    Details of the event, including prizes, entry fees and registration information can be found at the organizer's web site http://www.relyeachess.com/subpages/tournaments.html 

    Join us for a fun two days of chess!

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    if I join u must give me 200 bucks

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    We  were covered by local TV and the regional newspaper, The Caledonian-Record.null

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