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disadvantage of vacation

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    guys leave it.

    people cheating chess.com.

    chess.com will check this vacation abuse by means of his games only,if he playing other games or not.

    it is not a matter how much time he spending in chess.com commenting etc.if chess.com considering that it will be  vacation abuse otherwise not.

    it is funny that he telling he is busy but he have time ti comment all over in chess.com but cant play.this is called special kind of busy....

    chess.com should consider it as vacation abuse

    .about my patience

    i waited almost one month then i contacted him ,that i discussed above.

    his replies here are so funny.

    anyway guys leave it .........he is busy!!

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    Okay, I asked chess. com if I abused vacation time and they will soon give me the answer. I also reported you.

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    Members have the right to use vacation time as they please, however, using vacation time to manage an overloaded games list is discouraged. As mentioned above, this time is finite and many players run out of time and lose in their games. Perhaps a good goal to set would be to find a balance of games that you can play without having to turn on vacation so that you can use it for a real vacation. Regardless of this, the rules of the forums still apply, namely to be helpful, relevant, and nice. Please do not name or shame others in the forums. 

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