Do really high Rated chess players have other pastimes??


Just wondering what your thoughts are, do you think players that achieve expert  plus and master levels do not have many other interest, so therefore giving them more time to concentrate on the "game"?  I am talking OTB players that are great. The reason I ask this I have so many other interest sometimes I think this has always held me back through out my chess playing years?  And if  drinking too much beer also hold you back?? forget that last comment just though it was funny???Wink


my theory is they are also serial killers.


research and readings are a part of myday to day activities,sometimes when im bored ,i drink with myfriends for beer or precious wine to pass the time away. conversations  are entertaining to me  especially of topics i am still not aware.i cannot live  another day without playing chess. i am chess addict for all to know.