Do you do other things while playing chess online?


Do you do other things while playing chess online?


i watch tv a lot when i play...but ill mostly just listen to music.




I'm a big multi-tasker.


Forgot to say what I do...

I mostly listen to music, do homework, and watch T.V.


I try not to let my work get in the way of my online chess playing  Tongue out


I read some articles, watch some videos from sites like youtube or sometimes  chatting with friends on Windows Live Messenger :)


However, there are times when I just play Chess and nothing else :)


online poker tournaments.


No.  I'm bad enough without splitting my attention...but I guess I play music in the background if that counts as "doing" something.


I'm playing MMORPG, then playing chess, compose blog on other website, create website, making money thru visiting website, helping people that needs help around the world, making land base program, making people happy, jogging every morning, biking every night, inventing moves in chess, setup network connections, formating PCs, Installing software, I go to church every week, I visit my mom's home every week, I listen to the music everyday, I sing occasionally, I dance when ever I like it, I eat 3 times a day, I take a bath 2 times a day, I brush my teeth 3 times a day, I masterb... every morning, I do s_x everyday with my gf, I do crazy things at forum, I tell a lie everyday, I always hate people asking what do I do, I will always hate you, I know I'm crazy every day, I'm playing chess from other site but I hate it, they say the more you hate the more you love, I therefore for conclude I always hate


I think...  CrazyTactics...didn't quite understand the topic...

perp124 wrote:

online poker tournaments.

 same as above


I read this forum and other message boards while waiting for my opponent's move in online chess. Sometimes I also play poker on Facebook.


i feed homeless children and help third world countries learn how to dig wells.


I scope out the hot babes in the Library.


I play chess while I do other things.


Gotta listen to music. If I start to lose, I pump System of a Down or Disturbed - speed music to help me win. If I'm winning, then I listen to happier music, or classic rock. If I don't care, I mellow out with some Chili Peppers or Weezer.


When I play with my friends sometimes I parallelly speak with them via Skype.

redsoxfan33 wrote:

Do you do other things while playing chess online?


Why yes, I solve algebraic and geometric equations in my head: also, I baby sit three two year olds, five cats and two dogs-check mate! Hah hah I still got it. Wait a second, Dante put that isoceles triangle down before you pull its tail out. Well you know what i mean! Oh kay, I'm back, what was I saying? 


Sometimes I am forced to do chores like cook dinner, do dishes, clean up, etc due to my lack of time. I use live chess for training for OTB and find it very hard to deal with these distractions.

Chronic420 wrote:

i watch tv a lot when i play...but ill mostly just listen to music.

 Same here