Do you have a peculiar way of capturing pieces when playing OTB?

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    When playing over the board I noticed most people will usually pick up the piece they're capturing with two or three fingers and place their own piece on the square using their other fingers. For some reason I'm sort of clumsy with my hands so I can't do that; instead I knock the piece that I'm capturing off the square using the piece I'm capturing with. That's probably weird. What about you?

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    its been 8 years or so since I played an OTB game, but I used to keep my piece between 3 fingers, place it behind my opponents knock that towards me, then pick it up and hit the clock with it(if there is one).


    Not sure how I would do it today, though.

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    When I take a piece I stand up and walk like this:

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    I heard that Smyslov would remove the piece from the board, and then put the capturing piece on the new square. (According to Chess Duels)

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    You need to make that 'clink' sound, the rest is secondary.

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