Do you play "The Halloween Gambit" ?


I don't, but may. The Halloween Gambit is likely not going to be played on a serious level due to it not being sound, but it certainly has its practical chances in a faster time control game, or even against an unsuspecting opponent.

Have some fun with it! Cool

--Video posted October 31st, 2013--


Can I get bashed in unrated? It is very tricky to convince anyone to four knights here.


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I played 6...Nb8 once. It didn't go well.


sometimes i play , just for fun , the problem is that many times black doesn´t play 4 knight opening, because of that i prefer king´s gambit,  white chooses what to play in the 2º move.   

I played this opening in control 15/0 and 25/0  in live tournaments and i never lost.  I played with people around 2000-2300  FIDE and during all the game you are enjoying and you opponent is seeing ghosts.  In my humble opinion is the strongest psychological weapon  in chess. 


Play the halloween gambit  thematic !


Maybe I play the metrosexual halloween gambit:


ng6 is ? the correct move for black is nc6 !

this is an easy line to prepare for and play for the win as black  ... ten minutes of study to learn the line and get =/+

the key is black gives back the piece at the right moment and white has no more tricks to play and has an inferior position to boot


I'll play it if I get pumpkin pie all I can eat. But just 1 game.


I played a match with it a few years ago. I ended up being lucky and won both games, but it wasn't because of the opening and I should have lost the rook endgame when I was black.


I think he played quite good with the white pieces until he played 39.d5


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