do you think eastern european players

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    are privledged?


    they have access to the best trainers, teachers... they have access to special chess schools etc. etc.

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    Not since 1989.

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    Yeah, that is definitely the reason why I am not a master...

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    well why do you guys think e. europeans dominate...... its not liek they have  genetic supremacy in chess skills..... they have acess to the best training other people in other countries dont have

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    It's the same with any sport: the more popular it is within a region, the better the infrastructure of this region will get, which provides an advantage for improving athlets.

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    Ever notice how implied attacks on players because they are Russian, eastern European, Chinese, or whatever, are usually started by Americans?

    Yes, culture matters. And yes, eastern European and Russian culture are better places for chess than the US. If the US valued chess as much as these other cultures, the US would have more strong players.

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