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Don't Play on the PC!!!

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    I play a lot of chess on the computer and also on a normal board.

    I feel that I always play better on a board than on a pc, and I have talked to many other people who have found the same thing.

    This suggests that it is not good to play chess on the computer?

    What do you think?

    If you have anything to add on this topic, please reply, cause I would like to hear about your experiences...;)



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    Its not always possible to play off the board for some. There aren't always clubs close by, i work a lot of hours now therefore like to relax in the comfort of my own computer chair when i play chess in the evenings. Sure i'd like to be able to go to chess clubs, but at th moment, its just not possible for me. Besides, if i gave up playing chess on the pc, i'd miss chess.com too much.

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    It's much easier to play over PC, because of the top down view.  Not to mention the fact that I can play in 20 tournaments at once, without having to leave my house.

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    A lot of people got into chess on the internet and for many of them it is easier to play on the 2D board than with a real 3D board.


    I personally find that I play the same either way. I even notice that if I put in time studying on the computer (e.g. CT-Art) that my play is improved on a real board.

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    I combine both. In playing games on the net, I often transfer them to an actual board and pieces that I keep on the table beside the keyboard. My wife thinks I am becoming a chess tragic as I also have a large demonstation board hanging on the wall above the screen where I will put up an interesting position and contemplate possible moves whenever I am sitting idle at the computer. Undecided

    It may be excessive, but that is me. Embarassed

    Considering the amount of times one has to calculate from diagrams in books, there shouldn't be any difficulty with a 2D board on a screen. My reasons for using an actual board is twofold, I find that looking at a computer screen for lengthy periods hurts my eyes and it isn't bad to keep the old 3D perspective for actual OTB play.


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    when i play long games in blitz i play with a real board in front of me.

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    Nothing to prevent you from playing against the PC while playing through it on a real board.  Best/Worst of both worlds that way.

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    I get mad if I sit too long in front of a pc, I can play a lot longer on a board :)

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    I can't get to a club but I do use a board for study, although  I've been using the pc for that as well.  I think it doesn't really matter, particularly at intermediate level. Chess is for fun (unless you're a professional player) so play to have fun and don't worry too much about losing games as long as you enjoy the experience. Of course it's nice to improve but I think you can improve as much with a pc as live. In fact sometimes it's better not to see your opponent.

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    True, but if you are an OTB player, it is probably good to be used to practise on a board too, just to get used to it. :)

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    Whatever is most convenient. The internet gives you a wide array of opponents and teaching materials. OTB is a lot more social and exciting I think. Both are good in their own ways.

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    I find on the PC, im not as nervous as on a real board.

    But i prefer to play on a board, as i enjoy the atmosphere, and the general talk between me and my opponent(if its not in a hall with other players).


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    I find that it helps me to have a real board next to me if I am playing on the computer.  Especially for some of the longer games where maybe I have not looked at the posistion for a day or two.  If I physically setup the position on the board, I am less likely miss something. 

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    Perhaps chess.com should implement a 3D board like the one on chess titans...

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    I have taken Mathematics and World History in HS. I don't particular like the academic subject "World History" and I have talked to many others who share my view. This would suggest the academic subject "World History" isn't any good, yes?

    --- Nim

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    I am AWFUL at online play ( A bit better at correspondence than live thoguh) But I still enjoy it a lot. Online chess has so much variety, and you can always find a game. Just because you're bad at something doesn't mean you can't like it.

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    It`s excactly the opposite for me Embarassed

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    How is OTB more social? I never speak OTB, but i can chat during the game without distracting the player

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    I believe you just have to get used to play on a computer.


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