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    I wonder if anyone has managed to download the PGN of their complete games and not been able to open them.  The format of the PGN is not right.  I have managed to tidy it up in notepad but it takes ages to get it right (find/replace).  Does anyone know is it what im doing or is there an issue with the PGN files?

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    i downloaded one today and didn't have any problem at all, maybe in notepad it's not seen correctly (as notepad is quite shitty), have you tried just loading it on your program? (if that is what you want it for), personally, when i'm working on windows i use notepad++ for any text files.

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    No i didnt intend to load into note pad at all, it just wont load in fritz....or scid....well ill try a few more combos of ideas.....thanks

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    I just downloaded one at random, and Scid took it just fine. Could you point us to a pgn that's causing problems for you?

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    I think i have found the problem.  I downloaded all my games and the email i use is a work one (shhh) and when i downloaded the file and opened it to read it in its raw form it was full of gibberish such &quote  and &#43 for example.  So i opened it in word as text to find all the rubbish had gone, i cleaned it up a but using find/replace [ with [^p  etc and saved as a .PGN and lo and behold it worked fine.  I think the problem is the work email......curse you work email lol......thanks for checking out things folks.

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    You might also want to try this PGN viewer that SonofPearl ( just posted about here

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    hey S7silver, we have played... a long time ago granted.....but thanks ill have a look

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    Hi Robin, yes, I remember all the losses to you well! I have been meaning to try to get a 960 game going against you, but have not been able to get my number of games down lately.  One day soon hopefully....

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    960 sounds good i really struggle to get my head round it would probably give my normal chess a whole new lease of life.......but i think painfully so.  I look forward to a challenge when you can fit it in although i must admit to having stopped online playing as i have had a change of work and just cant spend the hours i used to looking at as many variations as i could figure out like i did back then.....ill be waiting for the challenge when you can fit it in.

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