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En passant

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    I figured out that most Chess.com players don't know about this move.

    "En passant is a special capture made immediately after a player moves a pawn two squares forward from its starting position, and an opposing pawn could have captured it if it had moved only one square forward. In this situation, the opposing pawn may capture the pawn as if taking it "as it passes" through the first square. The resulting position is the same as if the pawn had only moved one square forward and the opposing pawn had captured normally. The en passant capture must be done on the very next turn, or the right to do so is lost. Such a move is the only occasion in chess in which a piece captures but does not move to the square of the captured piece. If an en passant capture is the only legal move available, it must be made. En passant capture is a common theme in chess compositions."

    in Wikipedia

    I took the freedom to create an easy example for you:


    Hope this helps! Smile

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    Thank you for the info, it was very helpful of you.

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    Thanks kindly,now I know why my pawn sometimes dissapears on me!


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