Entering a tournament next week, is my opening repertoire solid for higher level play?

condude2 wrote:

What opening do you hate to see after you play d4? I'm pretty sure everyone has some openings they give a silent cheer for, and some that make them cry internally (for me it's the Alapin Sicilian... shudder). Find the opening that you dread the most... and start playing it!


I've played 1. d4 for years now, and I kept finding that I'd get screwed up in the KID lines. So, a couple years back, I started playing the KID as well. I've had great success with it, AND I can now play much better against it as white!

haha that is a clever way to pick out your openingshappy.png

Nc3always wrote:

A great book I recommend for white repetoire is a cunning opening repetoire by burgess. It is similar to your own and concentrates on white avoiding blacks tactical responses to d4 

it is really good for otb as it is more about ideas than having to remember sharp lines which tend to be forgotten in the heat of battle.


but your repetoiree looks great, if you lose it wont be because of your openings

I will consider purchasing this book in the future to consolidate my repertoire & thank you! good to hear happy.png