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Favourite often-used excuse

  • #41

    The American attitude, it will bring you anywhere in life...

  • #42

    my connection sucks

  • #43

    This new format didnt work right, It still has bugs, they moved a piece to the wrong space or you would have been in a lot more trouble than me... 

  • #44

    I was just trying out a new opening variation

  • #45

    "its tuesday", works best when its not tuesday

  • #46
    beardogjones wrote:

    I was just trying out a new opening variation

    I wanted to get away from the "book" lines, but i always land on some "Power" lines !!  Yell  

  • #47
    petitbonom wrote:

    Mouse slip.

    I want to make this excuse in my next OTB game :-DDDD

  • #48

    "I almost swindled you"

  • #49

    "You moved the wrong piece and my brilliant plan went to crap" Tongue out

  • #50

    Wife came in the room and I have a  better offer than to play chess Wink

  • #51

    "Siri did it!"

  • #52

    "But the other guy has a higher rating..."


    And the most famous...


  • #53

    I had a winning position but LOST ON TIME Smile

  • #54

    "You must be a GM."

  • #55

    I'm still not used to this new site design.

  • #56

    Congratulations!  You can move the mouse quicker

  • #57

    Last night I stayed at a Holiday Inn.

  • #58

    Let's see, what excuse would I use...

    "I forgot that 'Watson' is for Jeopardy!"

    "I started with the second move of the combo."

    "Freaking adware!"

    "Get out of my chess account, Junior!"

  • #59

    "She said she was on the pill!"

  • #60

    My kid stepped on my reading glasses.


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