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Eurovision Song Contest

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    Hello! I changed the topic!

    Which is your best song? :)

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    P.S.: How to delete the post? I mean, whole topic?

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    P.S. = post scriptum

    So, I add something more... In that style

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    I don't think you can delete it.

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    Ummm, the subject changed on this one :)

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    Sorry Kingpatzer, I just wanted to delete the topic

    Anyway, thanks for help! :)

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    Which is your best song? :)

    #Eurovision Song Contest

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    Here is our song! Do you like it? :) 


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    Heh :)

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    chrisr2212 wrote:

    We've got Jedward again, those mad feckers...

    thought we'd have a great chance with Dustin the Turkey, but he left the Europeans speechless with his effort..

    Can you give the link to youtube? Jedward gives no impression to me too. I think Dustin is much better. :) 

    "She's fabulous, good enough to win.."
    Yeah, I hope that young, (cute ;)) will persuade Europa. One of our best choices last few years! :)

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    What do you think? Who will win this year? I hope it will be Denmark.


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